Moving on and holding on

Wow! I haven't posted since December....and I wasn't that frequent before. I've got two posts started, but not quite ready to publish.

Time has sort of stopped for me this last week, two weeks, seven months. Shortly after my wedding last June, my grandma was diagnosed with stage IV renal cancer. We lost her Friday, January 15.

I don't think I've fully "dropped my basket" (as my lovely S'mom says) quite yet. I'm sure that will come with time. I've got a couple things in the works, but I truly enjoy blogging, and I don't want to let Rustic and Sparkly slip away. Maybe I'll get better at this blogging thing. Maybe I'll learn to take better pictures. It would be great if I remembered to dust before taking the pictures. Grandma Karen wouldn't have cared (neither do I, actually). But, that's what I'll do. Someday, I'll be "moved in" to my new home with my new husband. Hell, I might even have a consciously decorated home to share with you.....some day.

In the meantime, here's the beautiful lady that's so much more than "Grandma":

Karen Sue Harlow 9/14/39 - 1/15/10


  1. Thats a good pic of Karen! You should print a b&w version and frame it.

  2. Wow...I didn't know you had a new post. Yes, you should get back with it...and I need to start. Blogging should be part of my "new normal." We also need an inspirational cruise someday soon!!