Junkin' on a Saturday afternoon

Mom: "There's a couple rummage sales today. Might be fun..."
Me: "I'll be right over!"

Our first stop: Moving Sale...Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Well. We showed up Saturday, at, like, 2:00 p.m.. Of course, everything would be picked over. Whatever; it will be nice to get out of the house on a decent Fall day.

Holy Moly!! We couldn't have been more wrong. We hit the jackpot! I mean, we really hit the jackpot!

A lovely retired couple were leaving their 3,000+ square foot home on the lake to be closer to family (and better weather) in a smaller home in Louisiana. Perfect scenario for Mom and me to be thrifty, crafty and junky.

Front to back: lovely, old, chippy white window $2; large, very rustic frame $2; two framed puzzles (well, two large frames, actually...if you catch my drift) $5 each

Pile of random goodness. That baggie in the upper, left? Yep...gazillions of tally cards for $2!! Mom didn't hesitate; her grandmother always had them around the house for card club. Cool old(ish) books and magazines full of lovely pictures for Mom to cut out for whatnots. Black metal basket $3; '40s wooden (??) engraved tray $4.

Walked right past these...almost missed them entirely. $1 each

Great pile! Frames...no more than $1 a piece; wooden boxes $3 and $5; dozen(ish) small pots $1

Two more boxes $5 each and a lovely little plant tray that I had to have. In fact, I paid $2 for an entire stack just so I could have this one. Here's a closer shot...

Mine. All mine. Perfect little framed pesos (according to Husband) $1; chair $5; white vase (I've got to learn the official name of this stuff) in front $3; white vase in back $free. Yep....free. Basically, I'm awesome.

A whole bunch of random goodies, nothing more than $1: feed sacks, linen napkins, strawberry baskets, jars, huge bag of clothes pins (old and new), white vases, postcards, galvanized bucket, fabulous white photo holder (there are dolphins on this, which will be removed). Oh! And that basket...$18. Can't wait to keep our blankets in it this winter.

Side view of new blanket basket (and the messy living room).

Mom's new basket $1; sampling of linens and doilies, about $15. We took turns picking our own keepers.

Why, yes. That IS a cat in a box! Oh, Roma, you silly kitty.

One of our lovely worn and delicate cloths

Oh, what a lovely, junky day.


Greedy and generous

Even though I'd like to keep my odds as good as possible, I simply must share this give-a-way. Already a new favorite, Fiona and Twig is a fan-tab-ulous blog! I've already entered....go get yours!!


Pardon Me

Hey! Mom!!  Start your blog! I'm lonely here in Blogland figuring this out all by myself.

Seriously, though, once Simply Cinda gets started, she will have lovely things to post. I just know it!

I love you, Mommy

Wish in one hand...

Ahhhh! One of my favorite blogs is hosting a Wish List Party! I'm still new to this whole world of blogging (creating, not reading, obviously), but I simply must participate! Check out Vintage Junky.

And....here. we. go. Stop!! Wait!! Mom?....Husband?....are you paying attention? Okay. Now go.

I've never even tried a pair on, but I simply must have these:

Then, I'm fairly certain that I need this:

Although, when I pick up my table (while wearing my fabulous new boots), I would need this:

But, then I might have to pay a visit to Yellow Dog Studio to pick up something along the lines of this (only with an "A"):

And, just in case anyone is taking me seriously, I'll take one (or two) of these:

a couple of these:

one of these:

A few of these:

I wouldn't turn down this, but my Mommy could probably make it for me:

But, it would be great to have this:

And, finally, if Husband is reading...one of these:


Gettin' crafty

Oh, you Bloggers. You have inspired me so.

I've started a couple of craft projects that I must share.

I found this Better Homes and Gardens image on The Lettered Cottage

I realized after I started that I should have taken more progress pictures. Here it is after removing the doily:

Since I'm all rustic and sparkly, I (of course) needed some of these metallic pumpkins in my life. I found this Country Living image at Reinvented:

A quick "before and after" of my Hobby Lobby pumpkins before final touches:

"A" ready to go...

All done!! Husband gets all the credit for the "A". I tried to just trace it onto the Funkin...hoping to leave an impression as a guide to paint it on. Didn't work. Smart Husband used an Exact-o knife and realized the white of the Funkin would flake off in the shape he traced out. Just a little touch up paint to fill in, and voila...

Now....where to dipslay these beauties???


gotta brag

Soooo....I've recently discovered that I am obsessed....I mean OBSESSED...with blogs. Not my own (obviously), but other people's inspirations, ideas, finds and random thoughts. More specifically, I am drawn to blogs about decorating and being thrifty (while decorating).
Recently married, and a life-long slob, I am slowly making my new house a home. I've been trying to make sense of what was my style, what is my style, and what I want my style to be.

Well, I've been toying with a few ideas....I'll probably be "thinking outloud" on my new blog about those. I'll get to that later (if "later" ever comes). For now...I'm gonna Show 'n' Tell!!! I just spent a beautiful Fall Sunday with my mom and a dear friend. They share my love for a bargain, and see beauty in things that are old and neglected.
Hopefully, in this inaugural post, I'll show you just how much I love things that are rustic and sparkly!! And, I'd better get on it!!! I know you're ready to get past the words and get on to the pictures.....well, if you're anything like me.

And, by the way, I apologize for the date stamp. I got a little too excited!

old wooden bowl (including pumpkins) $7

old wire letter file $10

My pride and joy (of the day)!

old shabby chic cabinet $140

It wasn't necessarily in my budget, but at THAT price...
it HAD to come home with me!
My husband hates it, but he'll adjust.

All opened up and ready for Halloween!

My hubby made this for our wedding day, to honor the grandfathers...many were electricians.
What a great use of old insulators...and now we have the PERFECT place to display it.

Halloween goodies

Notice the book covers for my more "unpretty" cookbooks.
Some goodies I just got at TJ Maxx were wrapped in that paper...I just KNEW I could reuse it for something fabulous!
I fell in love with these at one of the booths at the flea market on Sunday.
I honestly didn't even know what they were....Mom and Friend tell me they're coasters. Whatever! They're gorgeous!
The whole stack for $5
Love my little cheapies!!
Double box of Tiffany & Co playing cards (for the color...not the name) $1
Small, white iron bird $1
Beautiful aged blue(ish) finials $2 each
Wish I would have gotten more....the others were black, but HELLO...spray paint!!