Wish in one hand...

Ahhhh! One of my favorite blogs is hosting a Wish List Party! I'm still new to this whole world of blogging (creating, not reading, obviously), but I simply must participate! Check out Vintage Junky.

And....here. we. go. Stop!! Wait!! Mom?....Husband?....are you paying attention? Okay. Now go.

I've never even tried a pair on, but I simply must have these:

Then, I'm fairly certain that I need this:

Although, when I pick up my table (while wearing my fabulous new boots), I would need this:

But, then I might have to pay a visit to Yellow Dog Studio to pick up something along the lines of this (only with an "A"):

And, just in case anyone is taking me seriously, I'll take one (or two) of these:

a couple of these:

one of these:

A few of these:

I wouldn't turn down this, but my Mommy could probably make it for me:

But, it would be great to have this:

And, finally, if Husband is reading...one of these:

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  1. Oh everyone needs the last one!! It makes all the wishes better! I am seriously tearing up..*sniff* And you must have a farm table! I really like that mercury glass pendant too! Thanks so much for joining in and I hope you get your wishes!