gotta brag

Soooo....I've recently discovered that I am obsessed....I mean OBSESSED...with blogs. Not my own (obviously), but other people's inspirations, ideas, finds and random thoughts. More specifically, I am drawn to blogs about decorating and being thrifty (while decorating).
Recently married, and a life-long slob, I am slowly making my new house a home. I've been trying to make sense of what was my style, what is my style, and what I want my style to be.

Well, I've been toying with a few ideas....I'll probably be "thinking outloud" on my new blog about those. I'll get to that later (if "later" ever comes). For now...I'm gonna Show 'n' Tell!!! I just spent a beautiful Fall Sunday with my mom and a dear friend. They share my love for a bargain, and see beauty in things that are old and neglected.
Hopefully, in this inaugural post, I'll show you just how much I love things that are rustic and sparkly!! And, I'd better get on it!!! I know you're ready to get past the words and get on to the pictures.....well, if you're anything like me.

And, by the way, I apologize for the date stamp. I got a little too excited!

old wooden bowl (including pumpkins) $7

old wire letter file $10

My pride and joy (of the day)!

old shabby chic cabinet $140

It wasn't necessarily in my budget, but at THAT price...
it HAD to come home with me!
My husband hates it, but he'll adjust.

All opened up and ready for Halloween!

My hubby made this for our wedding day, to honor the grandfathers...many were electricians.
What a great use of old insulators...and now we have the PERFECT place to display it.

Halloween goodies

Notice the book covers for my more "unpretty" cookbooks.
Some goodies I just got at TJ Maxx were wrapped in that paper...I just KNEW I could reuse it for something fabulous!
I fell in love with these at one of the booths at the flea market on Sunday.
I honestly didn't even know what they were....Mom and Friend tell me they're coasters. Whatever! They're gorgeous!
The whole stack for $5
Love my little cheapies!!
Double box of Tiffany & Co playing cards (for the color...not the name) $1
Small, white iron bird $1
Beautiful aged blue(ish) finials $2 each
Wish I would have gotten more....the others were black, but HELLO...spray paint!!


  1. Looks like you made out quite well on our outing Sunday! I love your cabinet -- a great buy!

  2. Love the cabinet, the file basket, the insulators, the bird.......all of it! Lucky you!

    Fabulous finds. Fabulous blog! Welcome to blogland!