Junkin' on a Saturday afternoon

Mom: "There's a couple rummage sales today. Might be fun..."
Me: "I'll be right over!"

Our first stop: Moving Sale...Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Well. We showed up Saturday, at, like, 2:00 p.m.. Of course, everything would be picked over. Whatever; it will be nice to get out of the house on a decent Fall day.

Holy Moly!! We couldn't have been more wrong. We hit the jackpot! I mean, we really hit the jackpot!

A lovely retired couple were leaving their 3,000+ square foot home on the lake to be closer to family (and better weather) in a smaller home in Louisiana. Perfect scenario for Mom and me to be thrifty, crafty and junky.

Front to back: lovely, old, chippy white window $2; large, very rustic frame $2; two framed puzzles (well, two large frames, actually...if you catch my drift) $5 each

Pile of random goodness. That baggie in the upper, left? Yep...gazillions of tally cards for $2!! Mom didn't hesitate; her grandmother always had them around the house for card club. Cool old(ish) books and magazines full of lovely pictures for Mom to cut out for whatnots. Black metal basket $3; '40s wooden (??) engraved tray $4.

Walked right past these...almost missed them entirely. $1 each

Great pile! Frames...no more than $1 a piece; wooden boxes $3 and $5; dozen(ish) small pots $1

Two more boxes $5 each and a lovely little plant tray that I had to have. In fact, I paid $2 for an entire stack just so I could have this one. Here's a closer shot...

Mine. All mine. Perfect little framed pesos (according to Husband) $1; chair $5; white vase (I've got to learn the official name of this stuff) in front $3; white vase in back $free. Yep....free. Basically, I'm awesome.

A whole bunch of random goodies, nothing more than $1: feed sacks, linen napkins, strawberry baskets, jars, huge bag of clothes pins (old and new), white vases, postcards, galvanized bucket, fabulous white photo holder (there are dolphins on this, which will be removed). Oh! And that basket...$18. Can't wait to keep our blankets in it this winter.

Side view of new blanket basket (and the messy living room).

Mom's new basket $1; sampling of linens and doilies, about $15. We took turns picking our own keepers.

Why, yes. That IS a cat in a box! Oh, Roma, you silly kitty.

One of our lovely worn and delicate cloths

Oh, what a lovely, junky day.

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  1. You're absolutely right, Baby Girl! It was a blast and felt like Christmas when we got back to admire all our finds. It was a fabulous creative excursion, and a fun day!