Christmas, I love you so.

Finally got to move on to my favorite decorating event of the year!! Christmas!! We had to buy a new artificial tree this year. Those ladybug/beetle things claimed permanent residence in our old one...I certainly did not have the patience to vacuum them all off. Good job for Husband before next year! I've always wanted two trees!

Nope....this isn't part of my Christmas decor (although its a "lovely" green and red plaid). You'll understand later. I promise.

Once I remembered to take this chair out of my junky treasure hauler trunk, I found the perfect way to use it! My favorite mass-quantity ornements in a perfectly rusty wire basket. I'm not really sure why I bought this gingerbread man this year...its not really my thing, but it must have been cute at the time.

I think I forgot to pull out this greenery last year! In real life, it looks SOOO real...how ironic. Dontcha just love the berry picks in that galvanized bucket? My Grandma Karen gave me that HUGE candle pillar. Originally, I wanted to paint it. But there's just something about it that I couldn't go "destroying" it with paint.

Big deal. I know. But there's something about a non-cluttered fridge. And I thought these also-magnets ornaments made just enough of a Christmas-y statement.

One of my new $7 mini-trees in the bathroom.

Christmas star and pretty little things in the bathroom.

My favorite cabinet all dressed up for Christmas.

I'm really in love with the large jingle bell hanging all by itself.

O Tannenbaum. The ornaments only show up well with the lights off, but now you have to look at the light wires. Boo.

An early start on presents under the tree.

Stockings hung.

Some of my favorite ornaments in a creamy bowl.

Christmas signage and more ornaments in a bowl.

I bought this snowman guy because he was "the method"...a highly sophisticated term describing the large shimmery flakes on his body. I nestled him between some mini-wreaths with vintage gold ornaments. I found the cheese dome for $1.50 at the thrift store (it stinks, by the way. How do I fix that?!). Those candlesticks were a gift (from yours truly) to Mom from Greece. But, she gave them back to me. Should I be insulted?

I swapped out my Halloween sparkly word ornaments for Christmas sentiments.

The other mini-tree found a home in front of the old window. This card holder (with one...one crooked card) used to have dolphins on it....no more!! I already know the topper is rather large for the tree. I usually use it on our big, official tree, but the idiots who made the tree used stiff "needles" for the top, and nothing will slide over it. Ugh!!

Again, PartyLite! I booked a show for this baby! After keeping it hidden in the bedroom, I threw some ornaments in it and brought it to the living room. Beneath it all is yet another score from our basket o' linens.

A sneak peek at an initial attempt to copy Let It Shine's awesome disco-ball tree re-do. I tried to just use what I had, but I'm not loving it yet. Better go get some Benjamin Moore Raw Umber finishing glaze!

And finally....weird intro picture revealed!!

Yes, we finally got a new recliner. It's somewhat of a monstrosity, but, boy, is it comfortable!! And SOOOO much better than this hand-me-down I got when I moved into an apartment on my own for the first time:


  1. No, you should not be insulted because I gave you the candlesticks back!! I did love them, but at the time, they did not work in my "decor" (but I see you have included them nicely!).
    Love, Mom

  2. Lovely! What comes after Christmas!? Crap!

  3. Looks great! Your mom comment cracked me up.