(late) Thanksgiving pictures ... a.k.a. My House Is Clean (and I better show it)

Since my DishNetwork isn't working today...which is vital to cleaning being  productive, I've spent an hour organizing pictures on my computer. In the process, I thought I'd better get a new post on here!

I know Thansgiving has been here and gone, but my house was clean for once! This is the first time I've hosted any sort of family function, and...I must say...I did a good job. In fact, Mom and I decided we actually had fun cooking and preparing.

My living room...complete with MJ on the blanket basket. Yes, that is a front door in my living room. I love the oldness and character of our current one, but its a little drafty (and small). Someday, it will be installed. (I keep telling myself that).

Our couch with shimmery, sparkly pillows that came with our bedding.

A shot of the old window displayed in the corner with pumpkins on "fancy" candle holders.

Oopsies...a little blurry. My Thanksgiving Tree (sans tree skirt). I only put on the brown rusty ornaments. Also, my $20 cabinet (which still needs some attention) and $3 box, now used as a DVD holder.

The dining room. I have a centerpiece and everything!! I can't believe I went from loving, to hating, to loving my great-Grandma's old china cabinet. What was up with that "hating" phase?? Oh. And. Please ignore the walls...the paint colors and "lovely" wallpaper border were not my idea. I just pretend its not there, and I expect you to do the same.

Closer picture of the centerpiece, leaning candle included. You can see what these candlesticks used to look like here. Much better. Although, the red was perfectly Christmas-y. Some DG (Dollar General) sparkly ornaments and pine cones fill my PartyLite hurricane. I got the wreath for something like $3 on clearance last year.

Our kitchen table, with a tablecloth I bought one day at a moving sale. Have I mentioned that lamp used to be a lovely shiny brass monstrosity with a pleated plastic shade? Gotta love turning Husband's old crap stuff into something ridiculously perfect. I don't normally leave margarine tubs on the floor, that's oury dog food and water bowls. (Note to self...buy cute dog food and water bowls)

Fill your plates! My Grandma Karen let me use Great Grandma Clara's gold-plated silverware. I've waited my whole life for them to be mine (for a day...I guess I should probably return it). This runner also came from the previously-mentioned shopping trip.

Since I over-estimated how many beer cups I would need at our wedding reception, these color-coordinated plastic beauties saved me some room in the dishwasher. Just had to share...

This made me chuckle.

Nope...not Pottery Barn. Father's Shed Full of Old Crap. I forgot I had this! Husband offered to buy it off of me (strange, I know, we're married) so he could give it to his Pepsi-obsessed friend. Ummmm....no.

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