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Day off + Open houses = Successsful day!!

I accompanied a friend and her mom around our town today. We popped in at a neighbor's open house (she makes and sells her own Christmas decorations), the Briarwood's open house (a wonderful little shop), the good ole thrift shop, and even Dollar General. Let's play show-and-tell:

All my goodies. I think I spent a whole $80. There were a couple of splures, but the rest were certainly "bargains"!

I couldn't pass up these large mercury glass ornaments...more than I normally would have spent, but had.to.have.them. I can't wait to get some paint on this little pedestal! Hmmm...what color??

Okay, okay. I know this isn't Christmas-y, but sooo adorable. Of course, I'll be repainting the frame, but I just love the little beauty.

I've always had a special place in my heart for handmade snowflake ornaments. I might have to add a little more "sparkle", though.

A cluster of bells and a cute Mr. Gingerbread man. Not what I would normally pick up, but they really wanted to come home with me. Now those candlesticks. Not loving the red, but I may leave them that way....just for Christmas.

My favorite Find of the day! Ugh! I just can't stop loving it! A steal at $20!! Loving the details...

See that little grove on this side of the frame? So lovely... Was it an old window??

Words. aaahhh...

That little blue stripe, just hiding there, matching the blue touches in my dining room. Well, not that my little beauty is going there.

Just pinned in...voila! So precious.

Well, now my feet hurt, but I need to get busy. Need to pick up and clean. Then on to finding new homes for everything I picked up today. Wish I could skip the picking up and cleaning, but I should probably soften the blow when Husband gets home.

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  1. I love the pedestal bowl and your Favorite Find of the day. The candlesticks would be very cool chippy white!