They're all mine, Buddy!

My husband such a tricky guy. He doesn't even do it on purpose. Um, well...yes he does. But this came as a surprise...even to him. He's been hiding things from me! His wife!!

He's lucky enough to have his very own shop. Complete with a hydraulic lift in the floor for working on cars when necessary. Actually, its best used for seeing how high he can lift me into the air before I freak out. He always thinks he needs more tools and equipment. I think he has plenty. Except for a paint booth for me and all my big dreams of new projects.

I decided to visit him out there the other day and found myself a couple of things to steal.

I can't wait to get my hands on them!! He thinks HE needs them. Whatever. It's a SHED for cryin' out loud. He can use shoe boxes for all I care. These things are lovelies. With a little TLC, they'll be perfect additions to our house. I need cute storage; he just needs functional. A shoe box would work for him, doncha think??


  1. Good score! I would definitely scoop those for the house! Love it! They should be on display for certain, not hiding behind tools.

  2. Well done...I would have taken them too!! The color is awesome, and they'll hold a whole lot of "stuff"!

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