Snow Day = S'No Money

This is what I got for Christmas...

If you remember, I asked for them here.
Okay, maybe I should tell the real story. Christmas morning, Husband and I woke up at my mom's (yes...I'm 30 and still wake up at home Christmas morning). It was my turn to open presents....lots of goodies in there. Husband tells me there's one more in the basement. Hmmm...what's he up to? As I'm carrying the box upstairs, I'm figuring out what was in that last present. Husband tells me: Open the box first, then the card. A little backwards, but .....okay..... Unwrap familiar-shaped box. Open the lid of said box. Angels begin singing.....There they are. The particular Uggs I requested. Tears, tears, tears....and, I mean, I am not the Christmas crier; I leave that business to Mom.

Here's what the card says:

The world is filled with beautiful things, and I just wanted you to get one of those things for you, because I Love your smile, I Love your laugh, and I LOVE YOU!
Merry Christmas!
Love, Matt

Then.....the P.S.:

P.S. I'm going sledding January 6-10

Tears stop at this moment.

Fast forward to January 8, 20TEN!! Husband is away in Wisconsin with his friends. Snowmobiling all day; drinking all night; posing with dead, frozen wild animals (don't ask). I decided how fun it would be to get snowed in at Mom's house. After two nights of mother-daughter time, I convince her we should check out the antique shops up town. After all, I am driving Husbands 4-wheel-drive pickup; which means, I am officially capable of driving in the snow.
Here are a few of my finds that day:

Those two large ironstone dishes?? Yep...$1.50 a piece.

The old grayness of this book had just the right look. The Snowflakes sign and mini-basket were after-Christmas sale items. Not exactly junk or vintage, but they were oh-so-Me!!

My little precious....this was a little over my thrifty threshold, but I. had. to. have. it.

Of course, after I convinced myself to splurge on the first wire filing tray, Mom discovered these for $5 a piece (at the typically overpriced antique shop in town....bargain for us!!)

What started as a great weekend snowed in at home my mom's, quickly turned into the start of the worst week of my life. We got the call at 2:30am Saturday morning from the nursing home that my grandma was being taken to the emergency room.
We lost her 6 days later. But, to avoid ending this post on a sad note, we made the most of those precious six days.


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