Dry my eyes

Well, today was the day. I finally got my letter from the University of Illinois School of Social work. I've been checking the mail since January. The envelope was thin. I don't even know why I opened it. Anyway, someone at the United States Postal Service loves me: I also got a new Ballard Designs catalog. I guess it was enough to distract me, at least from my (temporarily) shattered grad school dreams.

Now, I'm on a mission. There's a lot of inspiration in there that I need to translate into my own home.
Ok. So maybe I don't need THREE burlap pieces in one room. But, they could all live comfortably under the same roof.

Husband doesn't quite understand how I see the ottoman in HIS living room. Silly boy.
It would be a nod to our love of boating. Granted, our boat has never needed anything quite as large as the original inspiration for this piece.

Oh my. I VERY much love this plaque. But, if I'm truthful with myself, I believe I will one day be "over" these kinds of pieces.

I probably really only need one of these lamps at this moment. Not that I am in love with the quality and quantity of the lighting we already have; but, I'm showing restraint in my day-dreaming. Really!!?? What is wrong with me?

Sweet little birdy. My new greige bedroom NEEDS this guy. Oh. By the way...I will post pictures of my bedroom transformation soon. Just need to get it put back together. Which means, I should probably quit living in it for a week. My mere presence just makes a mess, I swear.

Umm. Yeah. I've never been much of a fountain kind of gal, but I need this.

I think I may have convinced Husband that he would be most helpful and supportive by taking me somewhere tomorrow to buy me some happiness. We'll see how that goes.


  1. Stupid grad school, their loss!

    Ahhh Ballard Designs, that's been like crack to me for years. So much to love, so little money!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Yes, post pics of the bedroom! Since, I havent been out to see it......(eventually, I swear!) Maybe grad school just wants you to have more time for "other things"....wink wink

  3. What an unfortunate letter to receive, however, your word (temporarily) conveys a lot. Continue to dream while still enjoying the other good parts in your life!

    Thanks so much for sharing your blog url with me. I love the natural colors you use here and look forward to seeing more from you when returning.

    Take care,

  4. I just stumbled upon this post and I usually don't comment, but I couldn't resist this time! I too have been a fan of the Ballard sign. Check this out: http://mysweetsavannah.blogspot.com/2010/01/diy-day.html
    As far as not getting accepted to grad school...my heart goes out to you! Boy do I know the "thin envelope in the mail" feeling of disappointment. God always has a plan though! When people used to say that me, it would tick me off, but hopefully, in time, you will see that too...I truly am sorry though.

  5. You have much bigger fish to fry! Always look up and the answer will come.
    We will be looking for your bed rooms pictures!
    smiles, alice
    I will be following you!

  6. Oh! Hollie! I came across a technique that you could SO use to transform a lamp to look like the silver Ballard one! You spray paint it using silver paint and then randomly appy silver leafing! I saw someone do candlesticks like that and it looked awesome!!!

  7. soo sorry about the "bad" mail. Keep your chin up.. you know I think that relates to "looking upward". :)
    As for the dresser, I say go for it! I am so glad I did my little ikea tables. :) Just remember to use primer.

  8. Bummers about the thin letter you sure have found some lovely images to inspire creative decorating adventures.