This is something I can really get into...

I'm ba-ack!!

Finally! I have something to blog about! I hit my first rummage sale of the season this morning. Bright and early...first one through the door! Not a "jackpot" per se, but I did find some things that deserve a second chance.

Oh yeah....I also got my mom some scrapbooking stuff...
I'm loving the playing card embellishments! But, I may have to steal the potentially tacky cute Christmas light stickers. We'll just have to see.

Now. I like my stuff to look old. But moldy??? Ummmm....no.

When I brought this baby inside to prep for its new look, I also noticed these annoying gold splotches. Ugh. Why???

I like how this candlestick is a near cousin to a previous project:

But I have something else in mind for my new find.

Well, look at that, my dears. If I hurry I'll have just enough time for a quick trip to Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Tree! Maybe I should wait until after my other rummaging adventures I've got planned this weekend?

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